Institutional and Economic Instruments for Sustainable Water Management in the Meditteranean Region
Institutional and Economic Instruments for Sustainable Water Management in the Meditteranean Region
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1st Step: Inception Phase (July to October 2006)

The main outcome of this step is the first identification of water management problems. Additional outcomes are:
  • A first (fast-track) identification of the current institutional and economic setting.
  • A preliminary identification of stakeholders, who will form part of the LSF in each region, which includes:
    • The profiling of stakeholder interests, according to the mandate of their organisation;
    • The establishment of contact with stakeholders.
The Inception Phase has been completed. For details on the Inception Phase Outcomes, please click here...

2nd Step: Problem Analysis (November 2006 to January 2007)

The identified problems of the Inception Phase will be further elaborated up to the Interim Project Meeting of January 2007, in terms of:
  • Causes,
  • Effects (Impacts),
  • Current or past water management policies, aiming to address these problems, and lessons learned from their implementation.
The problem analysis step will end with theĀ a selection of one water management problem per Region. This problem will be the basis for all future regional activities within the project.

The aim of this Step is to elaborate on the selected water management problem, through the:
  • Identification of the specific inefficiencies of the current institutional and economic setting, which are directly or indirectly related to the problem. These inefficiencies should expand to the three functional levels analyzed within the project, i.e. constitutional, organisational and operational.
  • Preliminary formulation of objectives for the analysis, through stakeholder analysis and participation.
  • Selection and potential adaptation of the indicators reviewed within WP 4. Indicators should be relevant to the causes and effects of the problem analysed and adapted to the overall regional/national context.



 Related Project WPs

WP 3: Identification of responsible WM authorities, institutional structures, policies and water allocation mechanisms

WP 4: Adaptation of indicators for institutional assessment

WP 6: Typology Development