We are... a Team


The Environmental & Energy Management Research Unit (EEMRU) is a group of highly motivated people who work and study together, under the supervision of Professor D. Assimacopoulos. Research is central to the goals and activities of the Unit, which includes a number of research staff members (currently 7 persons), as well as a varying number of PhD candidates.


Permanent Team Members
Professor Emeritus

Coordinator of the Environmental and Energy Management Research Unit and Professor Emeritus of the NTUA School of Chemical Engineering, where he has been teaching since 1982. 

Senior Researcher

Ino Katsiardi holds an MSc in Aquatic Resource Management (KCL, 1998) and a BSc in Biology (Imperial College, 1997). She is a full time staff member at the NTUA, and has been involved in projects related to Water Management in Europe and the Mediterranean since 2001. 

Research Associate

Dr Patricia Stathatou is currently conducting postdoctoral research as a visiting scholar at the Media Lab's Center for Bits and Atoms of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.). She has been a member of Environmental & Energy Management Research Unit since 2011, working on several European research projects. She holds a Degree in Civil Engineering (NTUA, 2011) and a PhD from the NTUA School of Chemical Engineering. 

Research Assistant

Panagiotis Dedousis holds a BSc in Informatics from the University Of Piraeus (2010). He works in the EEMRU as a software developer, participating in several research projects, and is the network administrator and software and hardware supervisor of the Unit.


External Associates
Assistant Professor, NTUA

Assistant Professor (retired) at the NTUA, Laboratory of Industrial and Energy Economics - School of Chemical Engineering.

Assistant Professor, University of Crete

Prof. George Arampatzis is a PhD Chemical Engineer, employed as Assistant Professor at the School of Production Engineering and Management of the Technical University of Crete. He was senior researcher in the Environmental and Energy Management Research Unit until April 2018.

PhD Mechanical Engineer

Dr Avraam (Makis) Kartalidis was a member of the Environmental & Energy Management Research Unit from 2007 to 2018, working on International projects on water and energy management.  His PhD Thesis was on the field of renewable energy and desalination (Thesis title: “Exploitation of renewable energy sources for water and energy production”, 2017). He  also holds an MSc degree on “Systems of Energy and Environmental Management” (NTUA-UNIPI, 2008).