Undergraduate Courses

Undergraduate Level

The faculty members of the Environmental and Energy Management Research Unit undertake the instruction of the following courses, as part of the curriculum of the School of Chemical Engineering:


Transport Phenomena II

The course constitutes the continuation of the courses on Thermodynamics and Transport Phenomena I, and aims at presenting the basic principles, laws and design methods applicable in heat and mass transfer processes. The course offers the theoretical background for the courses on Physical and Chemical Processes Design, which are taught in subsequent semesters of the curriculum.

Prof. D. Assimacopoulos, (5th Semester - Mandatory)

Rational and Sustainable Energy Management

The course aims at familiarising students with the energy system of Chemical Industries through the analysis of basic principles for energy saving, the analysis of application examples and the presentation of computational analysis methods for process optimisation.

Prof. D. Assimacopoulos, (8th Semester - Mandatory in the "Design" Direction)