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The Environmental & Energy Management Research Unit puts a very high priority on research and innovation activities, which are mainly aimed at addressing and managing environmental and energy-related issues and developing relevant innovative solutions. Research activities are characterized by the implementation of a trans-disciplinary approach, integrating engineering, environmental, economic and policy expertise, in close cooperation and collaboration with stakeholders and decision-makers. The overall effort has been supported by a diversity of successive and concurrent research and innovation projects. This enables the exchange of information and experience with a wide range of European and Mediterranean Research Centers, Institutes, Universities, as well as the Industry.

Research and innovation projects are mainly funded by the European Union, and some by the Greek Government and non-governmental institutions. Individual or small-group research is carried out within the purely academic context of doctoral and post-doctoral research. The main research and innovation activities are grouped into 3 thematic categories: Energy Management, Water Recourses Management and Environmental Systems Management.


Energy Management Water Resources Environmental Management