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Environmental & Energy Management Research Unit

The Environmental & Energy Management Research Unit (EEMRU) is part of the School of Chemical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). The  EEMRU activities address both education and research.

To fulfill its educational role, as part of the School of Chemical Engineering undergraduate curriculum, the EEMRU carries out undergraduate study courses, comprising theoretical lectures and laboratory and practical training.  These courses focus on production management and energy management, covering diverse subjects, such as production management, industrial economics, energy analysis of industrial systems, energy transfer, etc.

The EEMRU also develops, in collaboration with other educational institutions, postgraduate courses, focusing on subjects in environmental impacts and management.  Both undergraduate and postgraduate courses are supported through tailor-made web material (e-learning).

As an independent research unit, the EEMRU carries out research on environmental issues of energy use and environmental resources management, as well as development of relevant innovative solutions.  A number of Phd candidates participate in and are supported by the EEMRU, which is also staffed by permanent researchers to carry out research and innovation projects on three main areas of interest:

In terms of trans-national cooperation, the Unit has successfully coordinated or participated in a considerable number of projects in collaboration with European and Mediterranean Partner Countries’ institutions.


The EEMRU is easily accessible by public transportation or by car or taxi.

  1. By public transportation:
    • Katechaki metro station (Blue metro line) and Bus No 242 (second stop after entering the NTUA Campus) or No. 140 (stops near the "lower" gate of the campus, on the intersection of Katehaki Av. and Kokkinopoulou St. and a 10 minute walk to the Chemical Engineering Building)
    • Panepistimio metro station (Red metro line) and bus 608 (stops near the "upper" gate of the campus, at Iroon Polytechneiou 9, near the Lambadario building (Rural and Survey Engineering and a 10 minute walk to the Chemical Engineering Building)
  2. By car or taxi:

    There are 3 entrances to the NTUA campus, the most convenient of which in order to reach our building is located on Katechaki avenue. After entering the campus, turn left and follow the signs to the Chemical Engineering Building.

Whether you are a student, a member of the staff or a visitor there is available parking and easy access to the entire campus. Parking Lot 8 is the closest to the EEMRU. Furthermore, there are some covered parking spaces available in another parking lot, past Parking Lot 8.

Directions to the Parking Lot

The easiest way to reach the parking lots is by entering the campus at the Katechaki entrance. After entering , turn left and follow the signs to the Chemical Engineering Building. You can easily reach Parking lot 8 (on the right) and the second parking lot soon after.

There are many more parking lots into the campus. It is also possible to park near the entrance and enjoy a walk through the beautiful green campus surroundings.