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Courses Taught

The Environmental & Energy Management Research Unit participates in several undergratuate and postgraduate courses at the School of Chemical Engineering, as well as in educational projects in collaboration with other academic institutions in Greece and other countries.

Undergraduate Level


Transport Phenomena II

The course constitutes the continuation of the courses on Thermodynamics and Transport Phenomena I, and aims at presenting the basic principles, laws and design methods applicable in heat and mass transfer processes. The course offers the theoretical background for the courses on Physical and Chemical Processes Design, which are taught in subsequent semesters of the curriculum.

Rational and Sustainable Energy Management

The course aims at familiarising students with the energy system of Chemical Industries through the analysis of basic principles for energy saving, the analysis of application examples and the presentation of computational analysis methods for process optimisation.

Postgraduate courses

A MSc Programme in Energy & Environmental Management was jointly organised by the School of Chemical Engineering and the Department of Industrial Management and Technology, University of Piraeus. In the MSc Programme, the Environmental and Energy Management Research Unit undertook the following courses:

Computer-aided Data Analysis

The course aimed at providing experience in the application of methods for quantitative data analysis and computational techniques in problem-solving and decision support tool development. Numerous statistical analysis and applied management science methods and tools were presented, such as: Data description methods (statistical criteria, charting), Statistical inference (confidence intervals, hypothesis tests), Data analysis (regression and time series analysis), Application of statistical methods in decision-making, Optimisation techniques, and Monte Carlo simulation. The course focused on practical application examples, emphasizing on how the above tools can be used in problem-solving, rather than on a theoretical analysis of the different methods presented.

Renewable Energy Sources

The course focused on the analysis of current and emerging energy management issues and the provision of expert knowledge on Renewable Energy Sources and their potential contribution to a more sustainable energy production.


Other Educational Activities and Projects


The educational project EnvMed ("MSc Programme in Environmental Management, Engineering and Technology"), was funded by the European Commission, DG Education and Culture, in the framework of the TEMPUS Programme (Contract No: CD_JEP-31055-2003). In addition to coordinating the project, the EEMRU was also responsible for the development of a web-based platform for supporting the MSc Programme, which is implemented at the University of Mansoura, Egypt.


The Educate! educational project concerned the establishment of an international postgraduate course in Water Resources and Environmental Management. The course was organised by four leading Universities in the South-Eastern European region, and its first year was funded by the INTERREG III B Cadses Programme.

Energy Academy

The Energy Academy was a continuous distance training program in Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Saving, addressed to local authority organization officers, prefectural and regional administration officers, engineers, researchers, investors, university and technological institutes graduates as well as to all those involved in formulating energy policies for islands. The main focus of the program was  new technologies and the corresponding regulatory framework.

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