Query and Presentation Tool

Γενική Περιγραφή

The Query and Presentation Tool is a front-end to the AquaStress knowledge base.
It aims at providing all information and data collected by AquaStress in a comprehensive and easy-to-navigate way to decision makers, stakeholders and a broader audience of end-users.

Information that can be queried and presented includes:

  • (a) Aquastress test site specific information (b) details on water stress mitigation options and
  • (c) information and results on indicators relevant to water stress issues and impacts.

The Query and Presentation Tool (QPT) acts as an interface between AquaStress’ Web Portal and the knowledge base. Its main role is  to provide a flexible and user-friendly navigation system through the information stored in the AquaStress knowledge base.

QPT provides two alternative methods for queering the information collected by AquaStress: (a) a hierarchical navigation system, and (b) a flexible search mechanism.

The content presented is organized in a systematic way, following the structure of the knowledge base. The user can query any specific data concerning the AquaStress test sites, the case studies, the water stress mitigation options and the relevant to water stress  issues and impacts indicators.

In addition to presenting static information, QPT is able to dynamically calculate the values of indicators for AquaStress test sites, based on the rules stored in the knowledge base. The user can examine the impacts of applying specific water stress mitigation options and construct “what-if” questions by changing the parameters of the options. Results are presented in tabular as well as in graphical (e.g. spider chart) form.

Τεχνικές Απαιτήσεις

Technically, QPT is a web application (hosted in the web server of NTUA). The communication with the knowledge base is based on a number of properly designed XML queries, using the HTTP protocol. The results returned from the knowledge base are processed and presented as HTML pages.