The SMITE Project: Improving Competitiveness of SMEs through IT-based Environmental Business Planning

The aim of the SMITE project (Improving Competitiveness of SMEs through IT-based Environmental Business Planning) was to develop a web-based node which will provide information for the food and textile industry and the hotel sector, in order to provide SMEs with up-to-date tools and access to environmental information, customized for their specific needs.

The Web Node and the Diagnostic Tools support SMEs in:

  • Assessing their legislative and technological performance
  • Benchmarking their environmental performance
  • Introducing technological measures and interventions
  • Adopting "good practice" guidelines for improving environmental performance
  • Estimating the potential cost or benefit of the suggested interventions

The overall goal of the SMITE project is to support SMEs to improve their competitiveness, and thereby their position in the market, by adopting prevailing environmental policies and practices, which will use newly developed information technologies through the Internet.

SMITE was supported by the MEDA Programme of the European Commission (Contract no: B7-4100/2000/2165-072P421) and spanned a duration of three years (2002-2005).

Project Participants

  • School of Chemical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, GR (Project Coordinator)
  • Hellenic Organization of Small and Medium–sized Enterprises and Handicraft, GR
  • DHI Water & Environment, DK
  • Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, CY
  • Social Fund for Development, EG
  • Higher Council for Science and Technology, JO
  • Association of Lebanese Industrialists, LB 
  • Malta Enterprise – Malta Euro Info Center, MT 
  • Palestine Academy for Science and Technology, PS 
  • International Chamber of Commerce, Syria National Committee, SY 
  • Agence de Promotion de l’industrie, TN 
  • Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen Association, TR 
  • Research and Development Centre - Unit of Environmental Studies, CY 
  • M International Consultants, EG
  • Royal Scientific Society, JO 
  • Conseil et Développement, LB 
  • Malta Tourism Authority, MT 
  • Palestine Polytechnic University, PS 
  • SI Consulting, SY 
  • GIS Genius International Consulting, TN 
  • BKP Applied Management Consulting, TR 
  • SPEED Development Consultants S.A, GR 
  • IT Consult GmbH, DE 
  • Innovative Minds Quorum K. Papafotiou/C. Grigorakis Ltd, GR