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The WaterStrategyMan Project
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Cyprus Meeting, May 11 2005

The Final Meeting of the WaterStrategyMan was held in Limassol, Cyprus at the “Columbia Beach Resort” Hotel, on the 11th May 2005.

The meeting had four objectives:

  • The presentation and discussion of the work undertaken in 2005. Results concerned the formulation and analysis of strategies for improved water management for the Case Studies of Paros (Greece), Belice Basin (Italy), Limassol (Cyprus), Algarve (Portugal), and Tel Aviv (Israel).
  • The discussion and finalisation of the remaining deliverables for the project (Strategies for improved water management, and Protocols for implementing Integrated Water Resources Management).
  • The discussion on further dissemination of the WSM outcomes and results, as well as on follow-up activities and initiatives.
  • The presentation of the final reporting requirements for the official completion of the project.

Meeting Minutes and Agenda (to be uploaded soon)

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WSM - Developing Strategies for Regulating and Managing Water Resources and Demand in Water Deficient Regions