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The WaterStrategyMan Project
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Syros Workshop, July 8 2002

The Workshop on the "Range of Existing Circumstances" was held in the Auditorium of the University of the Aegean in Hermoupolis of the Island of Syros, Greece. It took place on three consecutive days, the 8th, 9th and 10th of July, 2002, of which one day was dedicated to the Workshop and was attended by all participants in an open session, one day to the Cluster meeting, and one day to the WaterStrategyMan project meeting.

Hence, the Syros Workshop served three purposes; firstly, it was an important step in the progress of the WaterStrategyMan project, giving the partners the opportunity to interact, to discuss on project goals, and to address emerging issues. Secondly, it served as the kick-off meeting of the ARID cluster, where initial synergies and complementarities were identified between the projects. Thirdly, it served as an opportunity to discuss and interact with end-users regarding not only the water management framework but also their specific needs and problems they face.

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WSM - Developing Strategies for Regulating and Managing Water Resources and Demand in Water Deficient Regions