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The Cyprus INECO and Nostrum-DSS Joint Event: IWRM through coordination, dissemination and exploitation of research outcomes

Egypt: Meeting local residents in Basandeila

Syria: Discussing with authorities on the pollution of the Barada River

Lebanon: Unveiling conflicts & perceptions on water stress in the Damour River Basin

Cyprus: Citizen proposals for the protection of the Pegeia Aquifer

The 2nd semester Deliverables of INECO

Future project events

The INECO Consortium

Future INECO Events

The INECO Stakeholder Assembly Workshop, July 2008

The INECO Consortium will organize a Stakeholder Workshop gathering stakeholders from all the INECO countries (Tunisia, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Cyprus, Algeria and Morocco) during the 2nd week of July 2008.

The workshop is oriented towards the discussion of proposals on alternative instruments that can be implemented in each region, in order to achieve mitigation of the corresponding focal water management problems. During the workshop, the INECO Regional Teams will present results on the:

  • Assessment of the implementation of current economic instruments;
  • Evaluation of potential instruments, as performed by stakeholders and the public at the local level.

The main objectives of the workshop are the:

  • Sharing of experiences among the different Mediterranean Countries involved in INECO;
  • Development of proposals on the overall enabling environment that could facilitate the implementation of the instruments recommended at the regional level;
  • Synthesis of regional analyses outcomes into broadly applicable guidelines for the effective application of institutional and economic instruments.

Further details on the INECO Stakeholder Assembly Workshop will be announced soon through the INECO web site.