JAN-MAR 2004


Indicators and Indices for decision making in water resources management
Indicators and Indices Appendix


  The ARID Cluster 1st Conference, Canary Islands
  Preliminary Program for 2nd ARID Conference, Sicily October 2004
  Call for Participation: Medaqua II


  MULINO Project
  EU Water Initiative


  International Water Demand Management Conference, May 30-June 3, Jordan
2nd International IWA Conference on Automation in Water Quality Monitoring, 19-20 April, Vienna, Austria

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The present Issue of the WaterStrategyMan Newsletter is devoted to the Workshop organised by the ARID Cluster and the WaterStrategyMan Project in Santa Cruz de la Palma, Canary Islands.  The Workshop took place on February 2nd-4th.

In addition, in this Issue of the Newsletter we present indicators available for assessment and evaluation in Water Resources Management. Indicators are instruments of simplification as they summarise large amounts of measurements to a simple and understandable form in order to highlight the main characteristics of a system.  The document accompanying this Issue of the Newsletter presents the selection of indicators used for the development of the WaterStrategyMan Decision Support System.


The WaterStrategyMan Project (Developing Strategies for Regulating and Managing Water Resources and Demand in Water Deficient Regions / WSM), is supported by the European Commission under the Fifth Framework Programme, under the Key Action "Sustainable Management and Quality of Water".